Does your organization offers training in coaching or mentoring?

Certificate your courses

In our Ethical Code we bet for the quality as an essential element to warranty that the TRAINING fulfills the requirements any International organization as AICM asks for. Certifying your training courses,you ensure that comply all the requirements and necessary criteria and cover all the key skills of Coaching, ensuring that your lecturers, contents and ethic will get the excellence in coaching training.

If you want to accredit your training center or school by AICM, you will have to send us the following documents, you can also find in our web and send it to


  • Your school logo in JPG format.


  • Web file with details about your school .

•Fill your data for the paying of the annual fee:

Download annex1
  • Training program/s that you need to certificate: classroom hours, online training hours, lecturers and number of coaching sessions the training includes


Once we have all the documentation, we will study it carefully and in 20 working days as maximum, we will give you an answer about your candidature. In affirmative case, we will contact you and will proceed to enlist your school in our Web and provide you with all the material about corporation image of AICM© to be used in your commercial documents and in your Web for image purposes.


The annual fee for schools is 450 € + VAT (21%) = 544.5 €


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