Associated Coach Certification


Associated Coach Certificated

Been part of an International Association supports your work as a Coach and warranties that all the sessions are developed with high quality standards. To be an associate member certified by AICM you can follow the next steps:


•Welcome letter


•Fill your request of entry


•Fill your request of entry and fee payment


If you have done a training programme acreditated by AICM:


  • You need to present the certificate of your school, specifying the training hours, the begin and ending date, the school director and the final assessment in suitable concept.

-If you haven’t followed a training programme acredited by AICM:

•Present documented proof according the annexed document as 45 minimum sessions of Coaching


You need to send all the files to, so we can initiate your assessment process.


Fees: Been part of AICM as Certified Associate Coach means an initial fee of 90€.

Pay here (PayPal)


If you are a student from a training center acreditted by AICM, the initial fee during the first year is 45€.

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Coach Master Acreditado

To accredit through AICM as a Master Coach, it is necessary to accomplish the next requirements:


  1. To have been associated to AICM.
  2. To present your CV, also a file with your fully personal data.
  3. To have a training activity recognized by AICM.
  4. To be a certified coach for, at least, five years.

5. To provide documents to endorse 300 hours of coaching experience


6. To attach 10 letters of customers with individual or company references.

7. To send the training programme that needs certificate: hours of classroom training, hours of online training, teachers, etc.

8. Accomplish web coach file


9. To present a certificate of supervision of 3 coaching process by a Professional Senior (Master) (can be 3 different Professional Senior (Master)


10. To Show your contribution to the Coaching work: published articles, conferences investigation and coaching courses

11. To have an interview with a committee member of the association

12.To attach a proposing letter of 3 certificated members


You must to send all the information to, so we can start your assessment process.

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